About Me

   Hello there! My name is Sheila. I married a professional firefighter, Daren, in June 2006 and we welcomed our first child, Gavin Jude, in April 2012. I am so grateful to God for these wonderful blessings in my life!

  I stay busy working as a full-time stay-at-home wife/mommy and a part-time secretary at my husband and his twin brother's business.   

  I love cooking,(I especially love experimenting with new recipes), fresh veggies from my garden, photography, music, summer-time, thrift-shopping, yard sales, my husband & son [of course:)] and most importantly, Jesus!

  This blog is just a fun way for me to share with you new recipes that I try......so let's get cooking! :)

To you, O Lord I lift up my soul;
in you I trust, O my God.
~Psalm 25:1