Saturday, March 26, 2011

{Hors d'oeuvres}

  Since creative and attractive appetizers are one of my favorite things to make/cook/bake; when we got invited to a house concert where everyone was supposed to bring an appetizer you can guess that I was super excited! =) I thought it would be fun to make fresh fruit and cheese kabobs, but I also really wanted to try a new recipe, soooo....I did both and what fun it was!             
::Fruit & Cheese Kabobs::

  Select the fruit and cheese combination to suit your taste; we used strawberries, pineapple and grapes for the fruit and a sharp cheddar, Swiss and Colby Jack for the cheese. I cut up the fruit and cheese and then my hubby put them together. Just a tip for you though if you would ever make these, the less sharp the cheese the better it will work. Daren was getting a little frustrated when the cheddar would crumble as he tried to put it on the skewer... They turned so pretty though and didn't last long at the party. 
  So while they were being put together I was busy chopping, mixing, rolling and baking; trying out the new recipe that I had found for..........................
:: Greek Pinwheels::

  I know they look like they could be time consuming, but really they are not. I wanted them to be served warm so I didn't start making them until about 45 minutes before we needed to be at the party. So yes, it's a fairly speedy recipe :)

Greek Pinwheels
1 sheet frozen puff pastry, thawed
1 tbls beaten egg
3/4 tsp water
1/2 cup cream cheese, softened
1/3 cup marinated artichoke hearts, drained & finely chopped
1/4 cup crumbled feta cheese
1 tbls oil-packed sun-dried tomatoes, drained & finely chopped
3 Greek olives, finely chopped
1 tsp Greek seasoning
Unfold puff pastry. Whisk egg & water; brush over pastry. Combine the remaining ingredients.
Spread over pastry to within 1/2" of the edges. Roll up jelly roll style. Cut into 20 slices. Place  on a greased baking sheet. Bake at 425* for 9-11 minutes or until puffed and golden brown. Serve warm.

Blessings to you!

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  1. Sheila, These look fabulous! I agree, appetizers are so fun! Thanks for sharing!
    p.s. I emailed you! :)